Two men are devastatingly broken by her actions—and she can only fix one. But when she makes her choice, will he even want her after all that’s happened?


Kathryn Grayson has it all—a beautiful husband, new baby, and a life most women would dream of. But after putting her career on hold for her family, Kathryn sets out to reclaim the woman she once was.

When Kathryn meets her new boss, Alexander Asher, Manhattan playboy and heir to his family’s fortune, a misunderstanding leads to friendship, the friendship becomes fierce, and soon Kathryn begins to question Asher’s motives … and her own.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
“WHOA. It is so much fun, but so MUCH TROUBLE!!!! And I will leave it there, and let you see where this goes!” -Maryse’s Book Blog

“At the end I had tears in my eyes for various reasons and my heart was broken multiple times and my soul was hurting for our leading characters.” -Jennifer, Collector of Book Boyfriends Blog

“The ending it completely unexpected and will leave you slack jawed and reeling from the emotional roller coaster you just stepped off of.” – Jessica, Stories and Swag!

Pure Abandon is a romance, but it is so much more than your typical plot lines and characters. This novel has a depth to it that has a way of sneaking up on you. –Lindsay Detwiler, Author Voice of Innocence

I can’t begin to explain how great this book was!! I felt so overwhelmed with emotions. This was off the charts in the feels department for me. – BeautyandtheBooks83

This story at first had me with confused feelings about something I thought I felt strongly about. I was surprised with the direction I was wanting the story to go, but in the end I am really happy with the way the story ended. BookObsessedGirl

Wow! Such a thought provoker! All I can say is afterward I hugged my husband and kids really hard and spent the rest of the day just enjoying them. –Lauren Runow, Author Unwritten