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My name is Heather McCallister and I only wanted one thing: A rich husband.

All was going to plan until I caught my trust fund wielding boyfriend with his pants around his ankles banging the local weather girl. With my pride intact, I stormed out of the building and found myself fighting over a taxi with a stranger I met on the streets of Chicago.

Ryan Pierson was handsome, fun, and didnโ€™t have a penny to his name. Heโ€™s everything I didnโ€™t want in man, yet I invited him up to my apartment anyway.

After a wild night of passion, I suddenly found myself questioning everything I thought I needed in life.

But nothing is as perfect as it seems.

A secret affair, a proposal, and a surprise revelation had me facing the greatest dilemma of my life.
And it was downright Sinful.