Kathryn Grayson

Pure Abandon is a journey…Kathryn’s journey.

On the outside, Kathryn Grayson has it all. A wonderful husband, a new baby…but inside, she wants more. She wants to succeed at all things; be everything Malory is and her mother is not. She is smart and kind, yet naive and easily mislead.

In Pure Abandon, Kathryn learns more about herself, her desires and her fears than most people will in their lifetime. Her struggles are just like yours. After all, we’re only human.

Music Inspiration: “Human”/ Christina Perry, “Take It All” / Adele

Who did you envision when you read Kathryn Grayson?  We want to know!

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Loving this graphic of Kathryn by Collector of Book Boyfriends blog!    



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