Adam Reingold

Adam Reingold has a chip on his shoulder. When his best friend, Brad, died at eighteen from a heroin overdose, he has made it his life’s mission to put the dealers away. While he’s become the town protector, he’s also developed a reputation as a hard-ass who only wants to hand out tickets and citations to everyone in town, especially Leah Paige.

Adam and Leah have a past. they were once close. Too close. A price was paid and now they are paying for it with a seven-year standoff. When Leah comes into the police station in cuffs, Adam decides to help her. His intentions seem honorable, but is there an underlying motive?

Music Inspiration: “Speakers” / Sam Hunt, “Say You Won’t Let Go”/ James Arthur

Who did you envision when you read Adam Reingold?  We want to know!



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