Love Explained Series

Love... It's Complicated
Love Explained  | Book 1

Anyone who says love isn’t complicated is a dirty liar. Ask me how I know…

I used to be a normal wife and mother with a perfectly happy life. Now I’m a divorced single mom who spent a night in jail after breaking into the hair salon my ex’s mistress owns.

What can I say? Not my proudest moment.

The only bright spot in that fiasco was the police officer who offered me a sexy, broad shoulder to cry on. William Bronson was a knight in shining armor. A romance novel hero in the flesh.

Then I showed up for work the next day and realized I’d be in charge of planning his fairy tale wedding…to someone else.

And that was just the start of my troubles—romantically and legally (don’t ask).

Now, I need to learn how to navigate my new reality and start building my own happily ever after. I have no idea if it will all end in love…or heartache. All I know for sure is that it’ll be complicated.



Love... It's Messy
Love Explained  | Book 2

Second-chance romance only works out in movies. In real life, it’s …messy.

I don’t need a man for anything.

Love and romance? Pfft. No thanks. Never again.

Between my career as a wedding planner and being a single mother, I barely have time to think about men. I wasn’t looking for a hero when I ended up locked outside a hotel that was engulfed in a blazing inferno, wearing nothing but a robe. I would’ve eventually saved myself. Too bad he didn’t give me a chance.

Yep, you guessed it. Luke Incendio, the sexy firefighter who came to my hotel rescue and the man who had caused me to swear off love years ago is one and the same.

Now, he says he wants to make amends. He says he’s never stopped wanting me. His words are laced in regret as he says he made a mistake.

But talk is cheap—and the tingly feelings he inspires in me are not to be trusted. Because this time around, I’m not the only one who’ll get burned if he proves to be unreliable.

And there’s no way I’m going to let that happen.

Love... It's Wild
Love Explained  | Book 3

Falling in love has never been this wild…
I’m a woman who knows my own worth. And more than anything,
I deserve love. Wild, passionate, all-consuming love.
What I did not deserve was being forced to hang around my small town to watch the jerk who left me at the alter fawn over his new wife. Instead, I ran.
Right into him.
Robert Bronson is my friend’s grumpy brother-in-law. He’s also a sexy single dad in need of a nanny.
And that’s how I found myself on his ranch in my cowboy boots and pretty summer dress.
Robert and I are complete opposites. He doesn’t even believe in happily ever after. I know I should stop pushing all his buttons…and falling into bed with him.
But I don’t.
So, what’s a girl to do when she falls for the man who is most likely to break her heart?
I have no idea. But until I figure it out, I’m going to enjoy every minute of this hot, wild ride…