Author Spotlight: BLACKOUT by Janine Infante Bosco

As a lover of contemporary romance, I have found myself emersed in virtually every trope, except Motorcycle Clubs. When Author Janine Infante Bosco announced the Leather & Lace Duet, I jumped on the ARC bandwagon!

Blackout is a sinful, sexy book about a married couple in their post-honeymoon haze. He’s an addict, and second in line to take over the club’s gavel. She’s the daughter of the current President. While Blackie and Lacey should be looking toward their future together, they’re pulled back to their pasts. I loved every scene and can’t wait for part two. That’s why I’m excited to chat with Author Janine Infante Bosco on her new book Blackout!


Jeannine Colette: While Blackout is a continuation of Blackie and Lacey’s love story from your book, Lethal Temptations, I had no problem sliding into their lives and knowing what they went through to be together. For anyone who is a newbie, like me. What do you think they should know about them as a couple?

Janine Infante Bosco: Blackout has been crafted for new readers to jump right into the story. I’d like to think that the most poignant moments told in Lethal Temptations have been recapped in Blackout. For instance, Blackie is Lacey’s dad’s right hand. He’s also thirteen years older than her and their relationship was a forbidden one. In Lethal Temptations, Lacey first learned she was manic depressive and Blackie was struggling to get clean. He was also still grieving the loss of his first wife who died of an overdose, and that’s something not touched upon in Blackout.

JC: Blackie is a former addict and Lacey is bipolar. How do their illnesses play in their dynamic?

JIB: Sometimes it’s hard to look at your reflection in the mirror and accept the things you can’t control as your way of life. But picture another person, someone you love more than the air you breathe, standing beside you. You’re both broken and troubled, but together it’s not as scary to accept. While their illnesses are very different, they both struggle internally and mentally. They wake every day to battle with themselves, and I think the reason they keep fighting is not always for themselves but to be better for each other.

JC: I’m gonna throw two words at you — Church and Family. They are rather wholesome words, but Satan’s Knights take them to a whole new level! 

JIB: So, most motorcycle clubs call “church” when it’s time to congregate with the patched members and dish the business. Family, well, family is a common theme throughout all my books and for the Satan’s Knights, a family isn’t always blood. It’s the people you choose to be part of your life. I myself am a very family oriented person but I’m also an only child. My children have five aunts and none of them have bloodlines. I guess I toe that line between art and life as a whole lot.

JC: Blackout ends in a cliffhanger that had me itching for more! When can we expect part two of the Leather and Lace Duet? 

JIB: Not long at all! May 6th the conclusion will be available.

JC: For anyone looking to start from the beginning, what is the reading order for the Satan’s Knights books?

JIB: The first Satan’s Knight character I ever introduced was Jack Parrish and it was in the third book of the Tempted Series. The first two were geared towards the mob and then the readers wanted more. After the Tempted Series concluded, I wrote a spin-off series called The Nomad Series and still it wasn’t enough. Not complaining!! From there, came the Satan’s Knight’s stand alones, From The Ruins, The Devil Don’t Sleep, Riding the Edge and Parrish. Now, here we are with the Leather & Lace Duet.

JC: You created an entire universe with these books. They’re intricate and realistic. How do you keep track of all the moving plot points from one book to the next?

JIB: It’s extremely difficult and I kick myself in the ass every day because I don’t have one of those trusty bibles with all the details. Instead, I go back and forth with every book. If I’m writing a story that runs parallel to one already published, I’m reading that story chapter by chapter while I write until all the events have been covered. Blackout ran parallel with three novels, (The Devil Don’t Sleep, Riding The Edge & Parrish) and I had to go through each of those books. I think by the time I got up to Parrish I was delirious.

JC: Aside from losing your mind, you ‘re known for losing things. What’s the last thing you misplaced?

JIB: Ha! I’m forever losing my electric cigarettes and my notebooks. I lost my son’s protective cup for football. Found it this morning. along with a banana in my purse.