Character Profiles

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On the outside, Kathryn Grayson has it all. A wonderful husband, a new baby, gorgeous home…but inside, she wants more. She wants to succeed at all things–be an amazing wife and mother, and break the corporate glass ceiling. When her friend and mentor, Malory, offers her a job at Asher Marks Communications, she leaps at the opportunity. Her goal is to be everything Malory is and her mother is not. She is smart and kind, yet naive and easily misled.

In Pure Abandon, Kathryn learns more about herself, her desires and her fears than most people will in their lifetime. Her struggles are just like yours. After all, we’re only human.

Likes: Coffee, Classic Hollywood Actors, Manhattan, Fine Clothes, The Arts  

Dislikes: Rude Coworkers, Arrogant Bosses, Finding other women’s lingerie in her car.

Music Inspiration: “Human”/ Christina Perry, “Take It All” / Adele




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