A 1-Star Rating

I received my first 1-star book rating.

Turns out it was a mistake. (phew!) A lovely woman in Utah, who never read the book, accidentally rated it and apologized for the error. Due to her pleasant demeanor,  I asked if I could send her a free ebook no strings attached. She accepted and I made a new friend.

I’m not gonna lie. When I saw that dreadful 1-star rating under my beautiful book, I was devastated. Who could hate my art so much they gave it the lowest possible rating? What exactly did they despise about it? How can I make it all better?

Truth is, there is nothing I can do if a reader doesn’t like a book I write. Books are Art. Oscar Wilde wrote, “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” It is subjective.  Just because I don’t care for a painting I see in a store doesn’t mean it’s not hanging on someone else’s wall. The same goes for books. If my best friend tells me she fell in-love with a book it doesn’t mean I will have the same reaction.

Moving forward I need to keep this little nugget of information handy. It’s ok if some people don’t like my work. I can only hope to keep on writing and improve with each piece I create.

In the meantime, I’ve changed the name of the social media folder on my iPhone. Now, before I click on any of my social media links, I will see the words, “You’re Amazing.” Because I am.FullSizeRenderAnd so are YOU! No matter what anyone has to say about you say, like, wear or do… YOU ARE AMAZING! Don’t you ever forget it!

Update 7/15: The woman who gave the mistaken 1-star review read Pure Abandon and gave it a glorious 5 Stars!!!!!