Author Spotlight: “Crashing Souls” by Cynthia A. Rodriguez

Crashing Souls by Cynthia A. Rodriguez



I am darkness; what you would consider a thief amongst the living.
I’ve spent time, so much of it that it seems a trifle word to call it, in that gloom being swallowed whole by human grief and human tears.
I am the Angel of Death.
And all was dark until I met a man, searching for a woman.

Given a second chance to find the love of his life, whose soul was placed inside someone else after a tragic accident, a young man finds himself taking over the life of a teenager named Dexter. But there are rules: She will not remember him and he will only have fragmented memories, not knowing anything about the life he has been placed in and barely anything about the life he once lived. He embarks on a journey to right Dex’s wrongs and find the woman whose soul belongs with his, no matter what it takes. Finding her is one thing, loving her and her self-destructive ways is another.

Author SpotlightIn August, I participated in an awesome giveaway event where I connected with some amazing authors. Cynthia A. Rodriguez was one of them. Not only is she an amazing author, she’s in the US Army- talk about bad ass! I had an opportunity to read an ARC of Cynthia’s newest release, Crashing Souls, and devoured it one night. The introduction was gripping and I had to find out what happened to Dexter and Noa. Crashing Souls releases October 27, 2015 and I recommend adding it to your TBR!

SO, shall we…

ME: The novel is so unique. A soul saved in order to go back and find his true love. Where did the inspiration for the book come from?Cynthia: I always wondered what would happen when I died. And, more importantly, what would happen to my husband and to our love? Something as important and powerful as that shouldn’t just…vanish. Cease to exist. So, as we humans often do, I comforted myself with the idea that we’d be reincarnated and find each other again. Heavy stuff, I know. I’m an over thinker. Anyway, I thought to myself, What would happen if someone came back and remembered? And then along came Dexter and his story and I just tried to write as honestly as I could.

ME: How would you describe your spirituality?
Cynthia: I am actually super spiritual. I believe in karma and that the universe is always watching. And I believe there’s a God out there who cheers me on and scowls when I do wrong. Someone up there is keeping the score lol.
ME: Crashing Souls is a romance of the truest form – eternal love and soul mates searching for each other. Do you believe there is one person meant for each of us?
Cynthia: I do. And I’m a little like Tracey. Sure, she worries that she’ll never find hers the way I used to. But we’re alike in the way we question others. What if someone misses theirs? It is extremely hard to write this book and to then face people who don’t have love in their lives. But I believe it. I sincerely do.
ME: Even though Dexter knows Noa is his soul mate, he moves on from her while they were apart. How was he able to do that knowing the angel of death expects him to find and be with  Noa?
Cynthia: Dexter Andrews is a man. And for a few years he was a very lonely man. There were many things at that time in his life that made him crave companionship, even if just for a distraction. And we all know love can be so tough. I’d like to think Dexter was a little afraid of finding Noa. And seeing what would happen if he did find her. It makes me sad and so mad but I understand why he did it. And maybe…some day…*coughs*…you will too.
ME: Dexter and Noa are souls of the faithfully departed. Will we ever get to read Annabelle and Greg’s story?
Cynthia: I don’t plan on ever writing their story. Never say never but as of right now? No.
ME: There was a surprise ending and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it! This is a stand alone novel but – I need to know – will there be more to Dexter and Noa’s story?
Cynthia: I’m a huge fan of Marvel comic book adaptations. I always stick around for the extra scene after the credits. I encourage you all to do the same.
And I look forward to Noa and Dexter’s story going on and on, forever.

ME: Now about you… Do you have a soul mate?

Cynthia: I think I’ve met many people who’ve had pieces of my soul. My husband happens to be the one with the largest piece. So, yes. I have a soul mate. And in every way, he matches me.
ME: Where did you meet your husband?

Cynthia: You know, I used to be embarrassed to tell people I met him on Facebook but I’m not anymore. We’ve been together five years now. Screw it haha. Granted, I knew his mother because she worked at my high school so I figured he wasn’t a psycho or a murderer.

ME: What is the scariest part about being a writer?

Cynthia: Writing. Trusting your characters to get you there and trusting your readers to enjoy the ride.

10. What is the greatest compliment someone has (or could have) ever given you?

Cynthia: My greatest compliments come when strangers read and enjoy my work. There’s no pressure to lie because you know me or to feel like you have to be nice. I can trust a stranger to not give a damn about my feelings.
ME: If you could pick two celebrities to be your parents, who would they be and why?
Cynthia: Hm…probably Jay Z and Beyoncé, honestly. The perfect mix of class and street. I grew up on hip hop (with a healthy dose of Spanish music on Sunday when it was time to clean the house) so those two would be perfect.

Book Questions!

ME: If you were stranded on a deserted island with one book (of your choosing) to read for end of days…what is it?

Sheesh. This will probably be different tomorrow but The Odyssey by Homer. It’d probably give me hope on getting the heck off the deserted island.

ME: Book you wanted to throw against a wall…and why?

Cynthia: Made by J.M. Darhower. The last page of that book. I just wanted to cry and flip a desk and kiss her feet. Darhower is a killer. Consider her a Made woman. Lol.

ME: Who’s your guy? You know… the one you envision when you write the perfect book boyfriend?

Cynthia: It changes every time. The men I write are so different from one another and once I write them, from the beginning, they are in my brain. Currently, Jared Padalecki is running around in my head shirtless with grease stains on his jeans. He was the closest to my image of the character I’m writing.

 15. If you could trade lives with one fictional character for a week, who would it be?

Cynthia: Hermione Granger. I’d say Harry but I still want to be a female. And I don’t think I could handle all the pressure. Hermione is still epic but without fear of a heart attack before age 18.