Beautiful Disaster: Why it means so much to me

This is a post I know so many readers of Contemporary Romance will relate to.


In 2012, after reading a little book that took the world by storm (ahem FSOG) I was looking for my next read. Amazon suggested I try a book called Beautiful Disaster. The cover was gray and there was a butterfly trapped in a mason jar. I didn’t know what to expect. But, being new to the kindle world, I took Amazon’s suggestion and bought this little novel by an unknown (to me) author.

I assumed this book had BDSM or some hints of erotica since Amazon suggested it based on my FSOG purchase. So, imagine my surprise when on the first page there is a girl in a sweater and pearls watching a cage fight. Huh? It didn’t seem very sexy? But I continued. The setting was a college campus. The heroine was starting over. The hero was a cad. Very early on I knew this was not a kinky crazy book.

It was So. Much. More!

Anyone who has read Beautiful Disaster knows it is one of the most well-written novels in independent publishing. It became a New York Times Best seller, spun off a new genre called New Adult and inspired millions of authors, like myself, to take the plunge. Following Jaime McGuire and reading about her journey into self-publishing, then to traditional publishing and back, gave me the spark I needed to put my own dream into fruition. I’ve heard this same mantra from many other authors. There is something about this book and this incredible author that lit a fire to the self-publishing world.

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