Here is a sneak peak inside the pages of Wild Abandon. Enjoy!

His eyes are fixed on mine, staring, searching, digging, claiming something. I can’t break the contact. I just find myself lost in this powerful expression on his face. His eyes turn a darker green. I suddenly don’t have a taste for Guinness or whiskey. My mouth is dry. The
only thing that can relieve my thirst is a long drink of olive

And, suddenly, the spell is broken.

Nate jumps back, his body moving away, but his face is ripe with confusion. “Did you just tell me you loved me?”

Did I just tell him that?

“No! I said, olive juice.” I close my eyes in embarrassment, and when I open them, he’s still looking at me with this what-the-fuck expression, so I explain, “Your eyes. They remind me of olives, and I was just thinking about how I’d like a martini right now. I guess I spoke it out loud.”

He is looking from side to side, clearly trying to figure out if I’m telling the truth or if I’m a stage-five clinger.

“Olive juice. When you mouth it, it looks like you’re saying, I love you. And I do not, by the way, in case you were wondering.”

Again, Nate is just staring.

“All right. So, I’m going to go home now.” I stand, grab my purse, and hold out my hand. “Nate, it was a pleasure hanging out with you tonight.”

He awkwardly takes my hand and shakes it. His mouth is turned up on the side, and those damn eyes twinkle in a mischievous way.

I turn on my heel and start walking to the door. “Okay then, good night.”
“Crystal,” he calls.

I turn around to face him again. 

“See you around.”

I nod and walk out the door, and I keep walking until I am at the corner and slap my palm to my forehead.

Olive juice?



He is about to take a shot. His eyes lose focus and he stands and looks at me. “Why him?”
I tilt my head at Nate. I don’t know if they’re reflective of the green felt of the pool table but right now his eyes are so piercing, and mesmerizing, I swear he can see right through me.
“Why was he worthy of a second date?” he asks.
I open my mouth to answer but close it for fear I’ll say something wrong. Why Brent? Because he’s emotionally available. Because he has the perfect career and a full head of hair and loves cats and classical music and is lukewarm to sports.
And most importantly, because the man I really want to be interested in me is with someone else.
“He checks all the boxes.” My voice is low.
His chest rises with a deep breath. His eyes stone cold and scorching hot all at once. He is so far away yet I swear I can feel his exhale on my skin.
With his eyes still on mine, Nate takes a step back from the table. “He has a lot of money. He can take care of you.”
I nod my head. “Yes.”
Nate takes a few steps, slow and steady, toward the corner of the table in my direction. His eyes curve in question yet their focus never leaving mine. “He was married. Probably ready to settle down again. Start a family.”
I nod again.
Even closer, he places his pool stick on the table. I have no idea what his mission is but it’s making my palms sweat and my breathing erratic.
“Did he tell you you’re beautiful?”
My breath hitches and I nod my head again. Nate is now just a few inches from me. His gaze hard and stern on mine.
“He’s an idiot. He should have told you you’re fucking gorgeous.” His words are mesmerizing but the tone he delivers them is rough, raw.
“That wasn’t a requirement. I don’t need a man to tell me I’m pretty.”
“I know what your boxes are. He is the perfect guy for you. That’s why I have to know,” Nate’s chest is now flush with mine, his forehead bows down to meet mine and I lose all air from my lungs. “Why are you here with me and not with him?”

*This copy is unedited and shared with love

I am so excited to announce the rose and location for my upcoming release, Wild Abandon! Each book in the Abandon Series features a rose of a different color.

Pure Abandon is the White Rose meaning “Purity,” Reckless Abandon is the Yellow Rose with Red Tips which means “Falling in Love” and Wild Abandon is the . . . BURGUNDY ROSE meaning “Unconscious Love!” {SIGH}


Also, every book will feature a new city and, in Wild Abandon, I am so excited to take you to NAPA VALLEY!!!


Stay tuned for the cover reveal and release date!