CLOSED: CRASHING SOULS by Cynthia A. Rodriguez

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congratulations to Leanna Wallace who entered on Facebook! (Winner chosen at random by my 8yr old nephew)

About Crashing Souls by Cynthia A. Rodriguez

Each story has a story of its own within the author. I remember the day Crashing Souls came to me. I looked over at my husband as he stopped at a stop sign and wondered, what would happen to our love after we died? No one would remember the magic of it. Would it just die when we did?

This created the idea that maybe we’d come back as other people and find each other again. But that was too easy. What if someone remembered? And then, Dexter came and whispered his story into my mind.

I had been finishing up Chasing the Tide and starting The Reigning Waves when I decided, with Rosemi’s encouragement, to give this story life. I can’t wait for you all to join this journey.

All my love,

I am darkness; what you would consider a thief amongst the living.
I’ve spent time, so much of it that it seems a trifle word to call it, in that gloom being swallowed whole by human grief and human tears.
I am the angel of death.
And all was dark until I met a man, searching for a woman.

Given a second chance to find the love of his life, whose soul was placed inside someone else after a tragic accident, a young man  finds himself taking over the life of a teenager named Dexter. But there are rules: She will not remember him and he will only have fragmented memories, not knowing anything about the life he has been placed in and barely anything about the life he once lived. He embarks on a journey to right Dex’s wrongs and find the woman whose soul belongs with his, no matter what it takes. Finding her is one thing, loving her and her self-destructive ways is another.

Artful, sharp, and compelling, Crashing Souls explores the permanent mark left behind when two souls crash together.