Jeannine’s Favorite Quotes from Pure Abandon

“Omega is the emblem of greatness. It’s ironic that a place with an insignia meaning the end is the place I’m hoping to find a new beginning.”

Kathryn is a woman who is trying to find her place in life. I don’t there is anyone who can’t relate to her in some way. We all have an idea of what our life should be and it’s hard to compromise on that vision.

This is a quote from the beginning of the book. Kat has just stepped into the doors of Asher Industries. I love this quote because it foreshadows the story well. While her new job is the beginning to her new life, it ends up being the end for her in many ways.

“My senses are heightened. My eyes trying to block out his square chin and strong jaw line. My nose blocking out the sensual smell of his cologne. My ears trying to ignore the sound of my breath speeding up, and my touch trying not to cause my knees to fold at the mere feeling of his hand on my back.” 

An attraction so intense it envelops your senses. Isn’t that what makes a good romance novel? This is a from the scene when Kathryn meets Asher and can not deny the way he makes her feel. Too bad she can’t taste him in this moment. If she could, I wonder what he would have tasted like…sigh.

“Our eyes lock. I find myself staring at them like someone being mesmerized by a pinwheel. Those flecks of gold and brown are like a kaleidoscope for the devil. “

The eyes are the pathway to the soul. This is very true of Alexander Asher. He is a man who can hypnotize you with a look and, by God, you want to look!

“His fingers glide the zipper of my dress down and gravity pulls it slowly to the floor. I’m left in nothing but white panties and a matching strapless bra. …. “I want to hate you,” he murmurs under his breath.

This is my absolutely favorite quote in the book. I had to abbreviate it for this interview so you don’t know who is saying it to Kathryn. In the most emotional scene of the book, there is a gravitational push and pull that leaves your gut wrenched. This quote beautifully illustrates the feelings of the two characters.

“No words are said. Everything that needs to be told is done so through touches, glances, tickles, and kisses. We have a conversation without words. Mine are words of love and his are of acceptance.”

In a world where we over-speak, over-share and miscommunicate, how intense would it be to tell someone your every thought and every feeling with the use of your body language? The most powerful messages we can send are not with our mouths, but with our bodies. 

“He’s waiting for me. This is my moment. But do I turn to him or run away? Far away.”

One day, I was sitting on a bus and I had this vision of a woman standing on a New York City street corner watching a man across the street. This vision is the prologue and epilogue of the book. I never would have dreamed that vision would have taken on the story it did.

These words are the crux of the novel. It is how it begins and how it ends. It a decision our heroine has to make and one the reader is forced to make whether they like it or not.