Leah Paige

Leah Paige is a the girl who knows how to get the party started! As Manager of The Bucking Bronco, she serves the proud town of Cedar Ridge, Ohio with fun and spirits. While she’s gorgeous and fun, she also has insecurities that stem from the passing of her late-boyfriend and the falling-out with his best friend, Adam Reingold.

Every time Adam walks into the bar, he looks at Leah with eyes of condescension. She tries to ignore him until she finds herself at his mercy. The two have to work together or Leah loses her dream of buying the Bucking Bronco and turning it into a bar called McConaughey’s. Yes, it will be named after the super-sexy actor!

She uses her love of Matthew McConaughey to drive her crazy antics and talk herself out of feeling sorry for herself. Besides, life’s too short to feel bad. You just got to keep, keepin on!

Music Inspiration: “Crazy Bitch”/ Buck Cherry, “Into the Wild”/ LP

Who did you envision when you read Leah Paige?  We want to know!