Pure Abandon, in Five Words

Sexy – From the moment you meet Alexander Asher you will understand the definition of sexy! From his bronze skin to golden eyes, he is the man you cannot resist. The sex scenes in the novel are used sparingly and in a buildup that makes them so intensely sexy. 

Soulful – Pure Abandon in Kathryn’s journey. As a woman, she is trying to find the balance between being the woman she thought she was going to be and the one she is. From her place in the professional world to the neighborhood she lives in…from her relationship with her mother to her husband and Alexander Asher, Kathryn is on a journey and, in the end, she has to make a decision that leaves her looking deep into her soul for the answer.

Unique – In Theater, there is something called the fourth wall. It is an imaginary wall, at the front of the stage, that the actors pretend is there and from which the audience is looking onto the characters through. Pure Abandon breaks the “fourth wall of writing,” if you will. You are taken on this journey with Kathryn and in the end, you are asked the same question she is asking herself: “What would you do.” Readers are encouraged to take a moment and really decide what you would do in that moment.

True – Life is hard. Marriage is hard. Parenting is hard. Work is hard. This book is not rainbows and butterflies. People mess up at work and couples have arguments. People we take for granted are the ones who were there for us all along. And the ones we look up to aren’t always that nice. The reality of the situations in the book makes it more believable and easy for you to put yourself in the character’s shoes.

An Experience – Pure Abandon takes place in New York City. As a reader, you are taken to real life venues and can experience them through the eyes of Kathryn. From Lincoln Center, to Grants Tomb and the W Hotel, even the West Side Highway and local restaurants, Manhattan is a character in and of itself in the novel. Please note: While the venues and locations are real, they are used fictitiously.