Author Spotlight: THE LEGEND by Dylan Allen

The Legend by Author Dylan Allen lives up to its name!!! This book isn’t just a story, it’s a legacy.

Remington Wilde and Kalilah Greer embark on a forbidden romance riddled with secrets and lies. They reconnect only to have their second chance love story take on another angsty twist! I loved the intricate plot lines, and the secondary characters are just as rich as the hero and heroine. And as for the love scenes… read with the kindle dimmer on low because they are bright light HOT! I’m so excited to have the amazing Dylan Allen talk about her new romance, The Legend.

Here is your SPOTLIGHT with Dylan Allen on The Legend!

Jeannine Colette: Remington Wilde is heir to the Wilde dynasty while Kalilah Greer is the social outcast. Why is their love forbidden in Rivers Wilde?  

Dylan Allen: It’s not really Rivers Wilde, but Remi’s family.  He’s got a strong sense of living up to the ideals that have been drilled into him his whole life and, for most of his life, it’s been fine.  t’s not until he wants something that’s contrary to his family’s desires that he realizes just how shackled he is to it.

JC: Remi is a cocky, rich kid from Houston, but he also has this sensitive and romantic core. How does this juxtaposition of his character drive Remi’s motives? 

DA:  Well – I think the cockiness is more just a matter of fact.  He’s good at almost everything and he knows it.  He works hard for it, most of them don’t come easy to him. And he takes pride it in.  His sensitive side is one that he can’t help.

He doesn’t like being seen as soft, but only because the appearance of strength is something he’s cultivated and uses as a shield.  But when it comes to Kal, he has no defenses.

JC: This story moves from a forbidden romance to a second-chance love story. Did you envision this plot line or did the characters speak to you as you wrote?

DA: They spoke to me. Remi first.  When I was sketching him in The Legacy, I knew he was single and that there was someone who had stolen his heart that he’d never gotten over. So, “second chance” was screaming at me…but the rest, I let them tell me. How they got from point A to point B was driven by who they were as people, separately and together.

JC: There is a strong undercurrent of family and the power of mothers. How does Remi and Kal’s relationships with their parents affects the decisions they make well into adulthood?

DA: They’re both very influenced by their parents.  Even their absent parents. I think that’s true for most of us.  And they both spent the first twenty-something years of their lives caught up in their parents’ desires and– in Kal’s case– trying to avoid the same pitfalls as her mother.  Once they realize that they’re in charge of writing their own futures, they both end up breaking free and finding their way back together. I don’t think they would have had such a strong bond so soon if it hadn’t been tested so much. I loved giving them their HEA.

JC: This story spans over the course of eighteen years. As a writer, why did you choose to tell the story in the present tense instead of inserting flashbacks?

DA: I’m not a fan of flashbacks as a reader and I like having things unfold in a way that lets me feel like I’m living it, too.  I’ve written a few books that span a good amount of time and I like the way they allow me to really get to know my characters.

JC: What is your favorite legendary romance — book or movie?  

DA: Persuasion by Jane Austen. Second chances are my jam and it’s the mother of them!

JC: Where is your favorite writing spot?

DA: In front of a window with a lot of light.  My FAVE!!

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