Nathaniel Teller

Nathaniel Teller is a realist. He believes in love just as much as he believes in death. It’s inevitable and it can hurt.

Growing up broken and unwanted, Nate has always been a fighter, a hard worker and did what he could to keep his head above water. One day, he met a woman who turned his life upside down and gave him a home for the first time his life. Then it all fell apart.

Nate has the face of someone who shouldn’t have a care in the world but behind those olive green eyes is a soul begging to be forgiven. His stoic expressions make him hard to get close to but when he does open up – it’s like the whole world burst into life.

Join Crystal as she uncovers Nate’s secrets and learns of the beautiful soul hiding inside Nathaniel Teller.

Music Inspiration: “Close”/ Nick Jonas feat. Tov Lo, “Photograph”/ Ed Sheerhan

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