Reckless Abandon in 5 Words

Oh, so you thought this was, literally, going to be 5 words ! ? ! ?


Well, how about 5 words and Why . . .

Yellow – Each book in the Abandon series will feature a rose of a different color. In this novel, the rose is yellow with red tips. It is symbolic for falling in-love. Reckless Abandon is a love story. It takes you into the hardest parts of falling in-love, beyond the kisses and first night in each other’s arms. It takes you into the soul of trust, choices, betrayal and forgiveness.

Musical – Alexander and Emma have a difficult time expressing their feelings. They do so with music. Whether it is playing an instrument together in a tantric dance of emotion or writing song lyrics to one another in a shared notebook, they use music as a crutch to display their true desires.

Tragic -Reckless Abandon is about reinventing oneself after tragedy. In the prologue, Emma Paige experiences an event that alters her life on three levels – her love life, her family life and her career. Six months later, she is struggling to find her place in the world when the future she planned is no longer the one she will have. Over the course of the novel we watch Emma, as she grows from broken to whole and her reasons for finding the person she truly is.

Trust – We all have trust issues. Some big, some small… but they’re all there. How do you know someone loves you for the person you are rather than the things you have or how you look? How do you know if the person you give yourself to won’t leave you when you least expect it? In Reckless Abandon we experience various levels of giving parts of yourself away to someone and what it takes to fully trust them with your soul.

Beautiful – If not from the cover alone, one step inside the pages, and you will experience the beauty of Capri, Italy through the eyes of Emma Paige. In all of the Abandon series novels, the locations are characters in and of themselves. This novel features Capri, a place near and dear to my heart and New York City – my home.