Umm… Why does the cover model have brown hair???

If you’ve read Pure Abandon or Reckless Abandon, you know that Alexander Asher has blond hair. Yes, he is the golden god with golden highlights and a golden gaze. Ok – So I may have gone a teensy bit overboard on the gold . . .

Anyway, the handsome gentleman on the cover of Reckless Abandon has brown hair and you’re probably wondering why.

When I wrote Pure Abandon, my publicist created teasers. One of those teasers featured Sir-Handsome-Face-Cover-Model with a quote about Alexander Asher. I took one look at those golden eyes and loved it! I created my own teaser using the same image and posted it on social media.


Ring, Ring.


“Did you change your book cover?!?”

“No, Mom, I didn’t. That’s just a teaser.”


“You sound disappointed.”

“Well, it’s just that if HE was on the cover I would definitely buy your book!”

So, after my mom pretty much told me she A) Wasn’t crazy about the cover for Pure Abandon and B) Had a crush for Sir Golden Eyes, I decided to add him to the cover of Reckless Abandon as a very special treat for my Mama.

I worked with the amazing Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations to create this gorgeous cover of Reckless Abandon.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00040]

I am happy Reckless Abandon’s cover is similar yet very different from Pure Abandon. They are stand alone novels and deserve their own unique flair.

Each cover in the series will feature the city the story takes place as well as a rose of a different color. In Reckless Abandon, you are taken to Capri, Italy and Manhattan, New York. The rose color is Yellow with Red Tips. The significance can be found within the pages of the novel.

Next up, Wild Abandon.

Any guesses for  the city and rose???

I’ll be announcing it soon!